Arushi Sharma - Another Victim of Nepotism

 Where is Arushi Sharma? - Love Aaj Kal 2's Only Saving Grace 

I remember watching Love Aaj Kal 2 in PVR Cinemas in Chandigarh and the angst I felt after watching the movie still haunts me; I felt totally violated. I had seen the 2010 installment in the theatre and it was so entertaining, I was so sure that this will be Imtiaz Ali's yet another masterpiece. But no! This spiritual sequel was nothing like the original, the feel and the spirit were gone. It was not that the story was bad, it was just that the actors were not mature enough to pull off the script. While Sarah Ali Khan was a complete miscast here, Kartik Aryan was certainly not at his best, but as they say, there is always something good in the mix of greys and blacks, the only good thing about the movie was Arushi Sharma's acting that stood out and stayed with me. 

I remember I tried my best to digest Sarah's performance, but it was a total disaster. I remember thinking, 'What is she doing?" and, "why is nobody stopping," or "at least tell her to tone it down a bit." Certainly, what was Imtiaz thinking?

Those were pre-COVID time, Sushant was still alive and Kangana had not brought the nepotism debate to the forefront yet again. But after these trying times, I think Kangana is correct at least when it comes to nepotism. Actresses like Sarah (an insider) are still getting movies after such bad performances while good actors like Arushi Sharma are out of the scene somehow. 

It is tragic and ironic. 

I hope to see her on the silver screen again!!