23+ Best fiction books to read in 2020

Best fiction books to read

Are you a teenager, an adult, or an elder person, here are some of the best fiction books that are loved by millions of people around the world irrespective of their age. You will love them too. for sure!!
Nineteen Eighty-Four Author: George Orwell Year of publication: (June) 1949 Genre: Utopian and dystopian fiction, Political fiction, Social science fiction. Written for people back in the 1940s, the novel talks about 1984, about a future which is immersed in war, devoid of freedom - curbed by omnipresent government scrutiny and brainwashing. Coffee Days, Champagne Nights and Other Secrets - Year of Publication: (8 July) 2017 Author: Kainaz Jussawalla Main themes: Duality, hypocrisy, deception, passion, love, madness, and scandal. This book has some of the best written short stories, each of them conveying a message to the reader. Chasing Tomorrow - Sidney Sheldon Year of Publication: 1985 Author: Sidney Sheldon Genre: Crime Fiction
Full of suspense and OMG twists, this is a must-read crime based novel. Adultery Year of Publication: (10 April) 2014 Author: Paulo Coelho Genre: Fiction “Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are”. A thirty-something woman with a perfect life - kids, a loving husband and a career to die for, keeps everything on the line for the passion that she craves. What passion? You will love to find out, we are sure! Be Careful What You Wish For Year of Publication: (11 March) 2014 Author: Jeffrey Archer Genres: Historical Fiction, Saga, Domestic Fiction The title is really catchy, right? The book is actually as interesting as the title! #Youwillloveit The Catcher In The Rye Year of Publication: (16 July) 1951 Author: J. D. Salinger Genres: Literary realism, Coming-of-Age Fiction A classic tale of a 16-year-old boy who is expelled from school because he failed to achieve the required standards in all subjects, except English. The same boy is more or less forced by the circumstances to go undercover for 3 days in New York. You will love to know why? What you will find out will make your heart soar. Who Will Cry When You Die? Year of Publication: 1999 Author: Robin Sharma Genre: Self-help book If it is self-development that you are looking for? This book could be a good start. Angel Of The Dark Year of Publication: 2012 Author: Sidney Sheldon Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense Murder, lies, and lust - all combined in an intriguing tale that would leave you surprised and awed. To Kill A Mockingbird Year of Publication: (11 July) 1960 Author: Harper Lee Genres: Southern Gothic, Coming-of-Age Fiction, Bildungsroman “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember its a sin to kill a mocking bird”. This work of fiction is an epic amalgamation of humor and an intense storyline with its moments of sorrow. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Year of Publication: 1996 Author: Robin Sharma Genre: Fiction If you believe in destiny and have dreams that deserve to come true, this is a book meant for you! #readit! Little Black For - Stunning Success and Tools for Action Mastery. Year of Publication: 2016 Author: Robin Sharma Genre: Self-help book In this book, the author explains various ways that one can adopt to reach success. A worth read. 11. Everyone Has A Story Year of Publication: (August 2) 2015 Author: Savi Sharma Genres: Fiction, Contemporary romance If you believe in friendship as well as love, the novel will definitely give you a reason to think. Don’t judge the book by its cover, at least not this one. 12. Zero-Day Year of Publication: (October 31) 2011 Author: David Baldacci Series: John Puller Genre: Thriller Full of suspense and action, this book will definitely keep you on your toes. 13. This Is Not Your Story Year of Publication: 2017 Author: Savi Sharma
A good story with well-portrayed characters, Savi Sharma’s novel is all about dreams and aspirations. 14. Veronika Decides To Die Year of Publication: 1998 Author: Paulo Coelho Genre: Psychological Fiction This Paulo Coelho's work is a gripping piece of a thriller with a climax that will take your breath. It will not be wrong if I say it is a masterpiece. 15. How About A Sin Tonight? Year of Publication: 2012 Author: Novoneel Chakraborty Genres: Romance, Fiction, Suspense
Five lives, five stories take you deep into the shady alleys of Bollywood. People who love Bollywood or those who would like to read a novel revolving around it will certainly like it. 16. Gone with the wind Author: Margaret Mitchell Year of publication: 1936 Genres: Historical fiction, Romance, Drama and War A really bold novel of its time, it is a story of a rich spoiled girl - Scarlett O' Hara. The story set in the time of civil war has the tendency to change your life. It is indeed the novel that everyone should read once in their life. Rhett Butler, one of the characters, is so inspiring - it stays with the reader for a long period of time. 17. Kafka on the Shore Year of publication 2002 Author: Haruki Murakami Genres: Novel, Magical Realism, Fantasy Fiction The story revolves around a 15-year-old runaway boy and a 60-year-old man. An unusual story where cats talk :) and love is the only thing that matters. 18. Angela's ashes Year of publication: 1996 Author: Frank McCourt Genres: Memoir, Biography Frank McCourt’s Biography centers on the fact that ‘nothing is impossible’. He talks about his life tragedies, a childhood full of harsh life lessons, and his constant fight with poverty. The memoir won the Pulitzer award in 1997 for the best biography. 19. The lowland Year of publication: 2013 Author: Jhumpa Lahiri Genre: Fiction It is all about family ties, love, frustrations, sadness, and regret. It portrays a family as a BIG branched tree, and how the actions of one family member affect the whole family. 20. God of small things - Year of publication: 1997 Author: Arundhati Roy Genres: Novel, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction Known for its lush prose. Full of metaphors and similes, it is more or less like a vivid dream. A dream, full of surprises. 21. Kite runner Year of publication: 2003 Author: Khaled Hosseini Genres: Drama, Bildungsroman, Historical Fiction Sometimes we forget that life can change its course any second. This heart-wrenching story about a rich boy and his father’s servant takes us into a roller coaster ride about fathers, sons, betrayal, and redemption. 22. Catcher in the Rye Year of publication: 1951 Author: J. D. Salinger Genres: Novel, Coming-of-Age Fiction Though meant for Adult readers, it is mostly read by adolescents & teenagers for its themes that revolve around rebellious teenagers, innocence, loss, isolation, and growing up. Though controversial, it is the US's most acclaimed and loved novel of the 21st Century. 23. The Godfather Originally published: 10 March 1969 Author: Mario Puzo Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Crime It is the story about a Mafia family, with Don Vito Corleone as the patriarch. It takes you on an exciting journey splashed with blood, greed, and the seduction of power. 24. Pride and Prejudice Year of publication: 1813 Author: Jane Austen A perky little novel, with a vivacious protagonist and her clashes with her opinionated beau, makes for a happy read. This comedy will fill you with mirth. Get ready for some beautiful writing pieces the world has ever encountered! 25. Gently Falls the Bakula Year of publication: 2008 Author: Sudha Murthy Genre: Fiction It is a book known for its simplicity, but strong message. It tells the journey of two souls who fall in love (and tie the bond of marriage) and how ambition and selfishness ruin the bond. Will they be able to find their forgotten love? 26. Shantaram Year of publication: 2003 Author: Gregory David Roberts Genres: Novel, Autobiography, Adventure fiction, Autobiographical novel
This book provides an outstanding description of Mumbai through the eyes of the hidden society of beggars and gangsters. 27. The Lord of the Rings Year of publication: 29 July 1954 Author: J. R. R. Tolkien Gener: Fantasy, Fiction It is the best and the most popular example of fantasy fiction. It is well written, its plot is intricate and magical, and the best part - it leads you to a perfect ending. 28. A Beautiful Mind Year of publication: 1998 Author: Sylvia Nasar Genre: Biography After reading the translation of Memoirs of Jahan Aara, I never thought I would be able to find something as intriguing. But this is exactly what I wanted at that time. His life will always be an inspiration for me. 29. Paths of Glory Year of Publication: 2009 Author: Jeffrey Archer Page count: 466 Genres: Historical Fiction, Biographical Fiction This book tells the story of a man who at the age of 37 in the 1920s climbed Mt. Everest and his frozen body was found in 1999. The question of whether he was able to reach the summit or not, still haunts the people. This book provides some great insights. 30. Malgudi days Year of Publication: November 1942 Author: R. K. Narayan Illustrator: R. K. Laxman The book tells 32 short stories through beautiful illustrations about Swami and his friends who live in a place called Malgudi.