Best DC Comic Romances of All Time

10 Best DC Romances of All Time

Batman and Catwoman

One of the most popular enemies turned into a romantic couple in DC Comics, Batman and Catwoman have a solid history. The two have been one of the longest will they/won't storylines. What began as a straight-up good versus evil rivalry, later became flirtatious. Even in their civilian disguises as Bruce and Selina, the two can’t resist their attraction toward each other.                          

The two were about to get married, but that never happened as they realized it could never work. Recently in a Fortnite crossover, Catwoman again had a chance to be with Batman but then remembered everything that happened in the past. Despite all their differences, Catwoman still has strong love in her heart for the man she can never be with.

Midnighter and Apollo

The story of Apollo and Midnighter began in the Wildstorm Universe, which later merged with the DCU. The team's main characters, Apollo and Midnighter, form a great romance together and have one of DC’s most prominent same-sex relationships. While it may appear from their character designs that opposites attract, Midnighter and Apollo balance each other so perfectly.

Living in the canon community, the couple has been together for years and is totally devoted to each other. Their friendship unfolded into a passionate love confession back in 1999. Later, the couple even got married and lived happily after. 

Superman and Lois Lane

Although Lois Lane does not have any superpowers, she is a hero in her own way. A fearless journalist and a courageous mother, Lois also provides unwavering support to her partner, Superman. 

Before Lois was aware of Clark Kent’s identity, the couple had a series of quirky romantic misunderstandings. Lois Lane and Superman share the strongest marriage in DCU. They were one of the first will they/won't they couples in comics, dating back to the Golden Age. Together, the couple has battled the worst enemies and has formed one of the greatest families in the DC Universe. 

Aquaman and Mera                                                       

Aquaman, the underwater King of Atlantis, and his bride, Mera, have been connected since the 1960s comics. The couple shares both love and heartbreak. Aquaman and Mera had a child who died, driving them apart for a long time.

When DC relaunched with the New 52, Aquaman and Mera were back together, and the two seem destined to remain together no matter how hard their lives become. Aquaman and Mera form one of the most powerful relationships in DC Comics and share a beautiful romance. 

Black Canary and Green Arrow

Green Arrow and Black Canary were always some of DC's most iconic couples, especially when it comes to the Justice League. Green Arrow was a hotheaded vigilante who never trusted anyone around him whereas, Black Canary was one of DC's greatest female heroes, someone who knew that she needed no one else to be great. The beginning of their relationship was kind of casual.

They would fight more than any other DC superhero couple, but that is what helped make them strong and inseparable. Since the 1960s, the couple has had one of the sweetest relationships and is one of the best examples of heroes who are partners in every sense of the word.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have proven to be iconic couples in the DC Universe. The start of their relationship is very interesting, with Steve finding himself washed up on the shores of an Island only to later guide Diana into man's world. Steve has worked as Wonder Woman’s United Nations connection. The dynamic of Wonder Woman and Steven Rockwell Trevor is upended by the usual "damsel in distress", making it stand out from the other relationships in the DC Universe.

Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (Green Lantern & Sapphire)

Originally, Hal Jordan dated Carol Ferris. Both characters showed up in the Silver Age, where Hal became the new Green Lantern. Carol was not a superhero, though that all changed when she took on the identity of Star Sapphire.

Typically a classic superhero romance, as Star Sapphire, Carol became a villain at first and battled Green Lantern. Hal and Carol have undergone much turmoil throughout the years but, their love for one another has proved powerful enough to overcome any obstacles. Fortunately, their love once lost was restored in DC's Rebirth era.

Hawkman and Hawkwoman

Hawkman and Hawkwoman have one of the oldest and most powerful romances in the DC Universe. The two Golden Age heroes were members of the JSA and are cursed to die and resurrect, only to continue their relationship and battle as heroes across time and space.  

The couple has been drawn to one another through destiny throughout their many lives. The two are tied together from Ancient Egypt to Thanagar, and their ages-old relationship just makes sense. Theirs is a type of relationship that not even death can break.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda

Mister Miracle and Big Barda are united, among other things, by their shared experiences in Darkseid's Apokolips. Barda, a former member of the Female Furies, fell in love with Mister Miracle and became a powerful New God. The pair have been members of the Justice League, and when Barda became a warrior for good, together they often battle Darkseid as a couple. Mister Miracle and Big Barda have been together for around five centuries and are one of the finer DC pairings.

Nightwing and Starfire

While Nightwing and Barbara have been technically a married couple and have a more serious relationship, the one that most fans know about more is Dick Grayson with Starfire. Dick Grayson and Princess Kory were one of DC's hottest couples that helped re-form the New Teen Titans. Though their relationship was fairly brief it was extremely passionate. 

The couple is still close, and in the 2003 Teen Titans comics, it seems like they are once again dating in the DC Universe.