The Worst Witch - Harry Potter Connection

The worst witch harry potter

Credits: Jill Murphy

The Worst Witch Harry Potter Similarities

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch have a very strong connection and lots and lots of things in common. Though most of the stuff in common is too broad to be taken as plagiarism on J.K’s end, yet some of the things are so uncannily similar that it is difficult not to think that maybe J.K. adapted a few things from Jill Murphy's Worst Witch. Witch, oh sorry, which as per her sources, she didn’t!! 

Mildred VS Harry Potter

Both of them

Are clumsy
Are prone to accidents
Are always on the verge of expulsion
Have two best friends [Maud Spellbody & Enid Nightshade; Ron Weasly &
Hermione Granger]
Have a rival from Elitist  families (blond) [ Ethel Hallow  & Malfoy]
Are loved by headmaster /headmistress
Are hated by their Potion teachers

The Worst Witch VS Harry Potter [Plot similarities]

- Both novels are about children who initially don’t know about their magical legacy. 

(Harry, and of course our lovely Mildred Hubble)[as per the new season of Worst Witch on Netflix]

 - Both the schools, the protagonists attend, are in Grand castles in the middle of nowhere.

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- Both schools have really interesting names. 

- Both novels have a potion teacher that dislikes the Protagonist. In fact, they favor rather wicked students (belonging to old magical families) who don't like our Harry & Mildred much and both (rolling my eyes) are rich and blonde.

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- Both schools have Great Halls where students hang out. And during meals teachers love to watch students from their tables in front of the Great Hall.

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- Heads of both the schools are kind, good at heart bespectacled old wise owls. Their offices are filled with really eclectic spherical objects.

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And both of them are quite fond of the protagonists and are always happy to give them second chances instead of expelling them.

- Flying lessons are given really importance in both Harry Potter and Worst Witch worlds. While Harry is a pro at flying broomsticks, Mildred is not too fond of it, mostly because of Tabby, her cat, who dislikes flying.

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- Halloween is a rather important part of the year in both of the wizarding worlds.

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- Both the novels have a character which is actually creepy and shallow, but the female characters still swoon over his outward pretentious perfection


 Draco Malfoy vs. Ethel Hallow 

Both are

Love creating trouble for Harry and Mildred
Belong to good Wizarding families
Loved and favored by Potion teachers 
Both are turned into a ferret by a teacher

Severus Snape vs. Constance Hardbroom 

Both are the most feared teacher at the respective schools
Both of them teaches Potions 
Are not fond of Harry and Mildred respectively
Love to wear black
Are rather thin and tall
Known to have constant glaring faces

 Amelia Cackle vs. Albus Dumbledore 

Both are Grey-haired, bespectacled  and kind 
Love Mildred and Harry
Always act more as a friend and advisors to the protagonists
 Addicted to sweets

Dissimilarities between Harry Potter & The Worst Witch
- Harry has an owl whereas Mildred Hubble has a tabby cat.
- Harry is good with broomsticks, while Mildred is not, though she improved by leaps and bounds over the years at Cackles’.
- Magical people are invisible to non-magical people; this is not the case in Harry Potter.

Fun fact: Miss Cackle's Academy was founded by a witch called Hermione Cackle.

Similarities between Mildred Hubble (from Worst Witch) & Harry Potter

Mildred Hubble
Harry Potter
Prone to accidents
Has two best friends
Maud Spellbody & Enid
Ron Weasly &
Has a rival from Elitist
families (blond)
 Ethel Hallow 
Loved by headmaster
Hated by Potion teacher
Miss Hard broom
Study magic in a school
set in a castle in the middle
of nowhere

The school is invisible
to non-magical people

There is a village near
the school

Both schools have forests
which are forbidden to
Miss Cackle’s Academy
of witches

school of
& wizardry

Always on the brink of expulsions from school