Books Like 'The Alchemist'

books like the alchemist

Books Similar to The Alchemist

After reading The Alchemist, the urge to fulfill your own personal legend intensifies, 
and to keep yourself motivated, it is totally understandable that as a reader you are looking for similar books that can keep you on the right track. 

Here, we are listing some great books similar to 'The Alchemist' in its subject matter. They are inspiring and will encourage you, inspire you to & would also be a good addition to your personal library. 

1. Shantaram

Shantaram comes really close to ‘The Alchemist’ when it comes to mixing traveling and philosophical undertones.

Set in Mumbai or Bombay underworld, the story is about a man named Lin, a convict on the run who comes to India so that he can disappear amidst the crowd. Accompanied by his friend Prabaker, he embarks on a journey where they meet soldiers, thugs, beggars, and many other characters that add depth to the story.

It is also a great book if you would want to have a deep insight into Indian culture and society.

2. ‘Journal of a Solitude’

The Alchemist is not only about journeying to seek one’s personal legend it is also a tale that encourages us to look deep into her heart and be one with our surroundings. Author May Sarton’s memoir ‘Journal of Solitude’ is also about discovering her voice and the real person she is on the inside.

Authors own words give us a deep insight into the book’s depth:

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”

As a reader, you’ll be right by her side as she learns to appreciate the joys of her solitude, battling her loneliness and depression along the way. The memoir encourages you to value present and live in the ‘now’.

3. Life of Pi

Just like ‘The Alchemist’ Life of Pi is also an inspirational tale full of adventure and life. It is the story about Pi, a 16-year-old boy who survives a shipwreck that kills his parents & is left alone in a boat with a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a tiger. What comes next teaches you a lot about life, love, loss, and inner peace.

4. Tuesdays with Morrie

This one is the best memoir you will come across from contemporary times. It’s an extremely moving memoir that reveals many key insights on life’s true meaning. The story is about the author Mitch Albom who meets his professor after twenty years; his name is Morrie and is suffering from a terminal illness. It is how their weekly meeting on Tuesdays where Morrie gives his last final ‘lesson’ to Albom which changes his life forever.

5. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ is an inspiring tale of a lawyer named Julian Mantle who goes on a spiritual journey leaves everything behind to seek the knowledge that could add meaning to his life. On his journey, he gets face to face with an ancient culture and gets the chance to learn lessons that have the power to change his ideology and his perspective about life forever. Love, courage, the book talks about simpler things in life that give us joy and listen to our true calling and finding it for it is what has the potential to give us spiritual bliss.

6. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Another timeless classic, it is a story about personal growth. The story is about a seagull that wants to be more than just ordinary & in the process exposes himself to challenges and finds inner peace. It will encourage you to pursue your goal for personal growth more aggressively and if you identify yourself as an ‘outcast’ in some sense, it will motivate you to be brave.

It has 4 parts, but it will be better if you stop at the ending of part three where the original fable ends –just a suggestion!!

7. Sophie’s World

People say that if you want to learn more about philosophy (a rather dull the topic for many) in an interesting setting, read ‘Sophie’s world’.

This story revolves around Sophie Amundsen, a 14-year-old, who finds two mysterious notes in the mail. These notes consist of a question each which marks the beginning of the evolution of Sophie’s ideology and the way she perceives the world. The two questions “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?” she starts a conversation with a philosopher through letters who help her open her mind to the world’s most intriguing questions.

You will love the fact that the book explores philosophy’s biggest questions in such an interesting manner. This is a page-turner indeed!

8. Siddhartha

This moving story is about Siddhartha, an upper class Indian, who leaves behind his family, riches, and privileged life for spiritual awakening. As he sets on the journey to attain spiritual fulfillment, he meets a mix of people on different journeys, ranging from ferrymen to monks. From each one of them, he learns a variety of lessons about friendship, parenthood, and other facets of life.

The book is noted for its ability to fuse Western and Eastern philosophies so effortlessly. It gives us a larger picture of life & encourages us to think more deeply about our lives and the greater purpose of our life.

9. The Book of Mirdad

This book is about Mirdad, a man who chooses to abandon everything so that he can stay in an old temple that sits on the top of a mountain. He faces a lot of obstacles and learns a lot about perseverance. This becomes the stepping stone to great spiritual learning this book takes you on.

10. The Celestine Prophecy

The story starts with an ancient manuscript that is found in the depths of a forest in Peru. The manuscripts reveal 9 key surprising facts about life which can help us find a way to exist harmoniously with our own self and the outside environment.

11. The Prophet

A classic in itself, it is about a man called Almustafa, who is a prophet. After spending 12 years away from home, in a foreign city called Orphalese, he leaves for his home country on a ship. On the way, he meets people with whom he discusses his life’s most life-changing themes.

12. The Little Prince

The Little Prince though seems to be a bit less serious, is an inspiring tale with a message that will always remain relevant no matter how much time has passed. Loved by both adults and children, the tale is about how to cope up when you are lonely & how love is the ultimate healer.

13. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This uplifting tale, at times funny, tells the inspiring story of an autistic boy who sets on a journey to find the murderer of his neighbor’s dog. On his journey, however, he is surprised to find lots of truths about himself & the people around him.

14. All These Wonders

This one consists of 45 true stories from inspiring real-as-life people who took greater risks and survived to tell their tale of success. Just like The Alchemist, All These Wonders is a great read if you are looking for the courage to find answers to your life purpose and eventually find your personal legend.

15. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

This book is about Eddie who works in an amusement park and goes to heaven after his demise. He dies while trying to save a young girl. In heaven, he meets five people he knows nothing about but were in some way responsible for shaping his life and its meaning

In a nutshell, this story will inspire you to think more about your own life purpose and the people who might help you achieve it.