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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 1

Recap of Good Girls Season 1 Episode 1

When I started watching the pilot of Good Girls during the lockdown in May 2020, I was not at all sure what I was getting into. But what I witnessed got me hooked – the utter talent of the 3 leading ladies and the execution of the story to be precise. With a different cast, I am sure, I would have stopped watching the series after the first episode. One thing gets clear from the very beginning – the three lady protagonists are a treat to watch.


Series name: Good Girls

Episode 1 name: Pilot

Available on: Netflix

Genre: Female-powered dramedy


3 good ladies decide to take things in their hands but everything goes awry

The pilot episode is a journey in itself. It is totally relatable because in real life things get nasty real fast and sometimes you have to take drastic steps when you are on the brink of losing everything. These ladies that we can classify as good wives or mothers are forced by the circumstances to do shady things. And on top of that what they thought would be a one-time thing bites them in the arse and things went downhill despite their success, or maybe because they succeeded.

The transition from good to bad is epic & the evolution of the characters in a single episode just blew me away.

What happens in Good Girls Season 1 Episode 1 – Let’s have a look!

Good Girls can be classified as comedy, drama, and thriller – all in one. The main protagonists in the show are three ladies who are wives, mothers, or both. They seem to have really normal lives as it usually seems until you run out of luck & life comes up with a plan to make you miserable. That day comes in the lives of our three protagonists good ladies early on in the pilot episode.

They decide to rob a local grocery store. Let’s meet the ladies

 Meet Beth

Our first protagonist is Beth, a 40-something character portrayed by Christina Hendricks. She is a housewife and mother of four. She spends the whole day taking care of the children, the house, and other extracurricular activities that a busy society mom in the US indulges in. But one day her life comes to tatters.

She finds that her husband is cheating on her. But that is not all; she also learns that the credit card bills and mortgage on the house for the last few months have not been paid – which means even her children’s normal life is also on the line as they will be homeless by the end of the month.


Annie is the younger sister of Beth, played by Whitman, she works as a cashier in the local store which they plan to rob and succeed. She is in a dire situation too when it comes to money. Her ex is suing her for the custody of her only daughter. It is something she can’t see happening, she adores her gender-fluid daughter who is the only anchor in her upside-down life (besides her 2 friends).


Played by comedian Retta, Ruby is a mother of two and wife of an adoring man. She works as a waitress and is always low on money, just like her husband but still, everything in her life is good except for the fact that her daughter needs new kidneys. She needs $10,000 so that she can buy some experimental drugs to keep her daughter alive until they get a donor.  

THEY SUCCEED. Then what’s the problem?

They plan a robbery and succeed in looting the local grocery store where Annie works, but things are not what they seem. Instead of 3 or 5 grand, they find that they have stolen over half a million.

Soon they are visited by an unnamed man to whom the money belongs –who was using the store for money laundering. He asks them to pay the money back and if that was not enough, the grocery store manager appears on Annie’s doorstep and uses her secret to blackmail her and almost rapes her.

 What happens in the end...

Things get really heated up in the end. What happens next, check out the next episode.