Food Combinations Great for Health

‘#Food Couples’ Which Are the Ultimate Key to a Better Health  

All of the food items that we are discussing here are good for health even when eaten individually but all we want to emphasize is that when they are paired with the partner items they give better-enhanced results when it comes down to health. That is why ‘we’ call them ‘food couples.

So here is the list of foods that are made for each other! (I told you “they are food couples ☺ )

#Foodcouple 1 - Apples and dark chocolate

You might be thinking “Apples and chocolate!! Are you serious??” but, we are!!

This non-traditional combination can do wonders for your body. Whether it is a better immunity that you desire, a healthy brain, improved heart condition or blood vessels, or want to reduce the risk of cancer, this #food-couple can be your ultimate friend.  

The forces behind this potent combination are the enzymes catechins which are found in apples, and the antioxidant quercetin which is the part of chocolate. 

#Foodcouple 2 - Oatmeal and Fresh orange juice

Want to improve your digestive system? 

Increase the intake of phenols!! For that, you shall go for the combination of Oatmeal and orange juice as they are excellent sources of phenols. And besides improving the digestive system, they also clear waste products and toxins from the body. For orange juice, only go for the freshly squeezed one. 

#Foodcouple 3 - Parsley and lemon

Vitamin C is great for the body’s immune system, but this vitamin gets absorbed by the body in a better way if taken-in with iron.    

That is why Parsley is usually paired with citrus. The iron which is present in greens improves vitamin C’s absorption into the bloodstream. 

#Foodcouple 4 - Vegetables and yogurt

If you love yogurts, we advise that you shall go for Natural yogurts, from now on. It is because unlike yogurts with additives, instead of dyes, preservatives, and sugar, natural yogurt is rich in calcium, which is very beneficial to the stomach and is great when it comes to normalizing intestinal microflora. 

And if possible, take it with vegetables like carrots or celery, which will also add the veritable vitamin content to your body; also the fiber content found in the vegetables helps in the absorption of calcium. 

#Foodcouple 5 - Avocado and spinach

Spinach and Avocado are the best food-couple ever, and both complement each other, out and out!! Do you know, why?  

Though Spinach is fairly rich in vitamin A and lutein, when it is combined with the useful vegetable fats of avocados, their combined forces leave a more prominent positive impact on your digestive system!

#Foodcouple 6 - Green tea and lemon

Do you love green tea? Many of us do for we know it is a great health drink! but do you know why it is so good for our health?

It contains catechins, which boost one’s immune system and increases one’s longevity. But if you will take it with a lemon, it will add one more good thing to your body- Vitamin C. So start taking green tea with lemon and make your tea drinking habit more beneficial!!

#Foodcouple 7 - Meat and rosemary

For many people around the globe, Meat is an important part of their diet, which is quite understandable as it is a great source of protein! However, it greatly depends on how it is prepared; many nutritionists say that one shall either stew or braise, in order to retain the meat’s protein content. Baking or frying should be avoided at all costs as they lead to the formation of carcinogenic compounds; but if that is not feasible for you, you can continue with these, but make sure that you sprinkle the meat with rosemary before putting it for cooking. 

Rosemary contains antioxidants that don’t allow the formation of harmful substances while the meat is in the oven.

#Foodcouple 8 - Tomatoes and olive oil

It is a proven fact that Italians rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases; ‘and just because they love tomatoes??’!!  

This is because most Italian dishes contain a combination of olive oils and tomatoes which makes them better shielded against heart diseases. Tomato contains lycopene which is very good for heart and blood vessels and is known to decrease the chances of atherosclerosis and malignant tumors.

Tomatoes when consumed with fats, allows lycopene to be absorbed by the body completely.

#Foodcouple 9 - Pork and Brussels sprouts

It has been found that intake of pork is good for cancer patients, as it contains selenium, which is very effective in impeding the growth of cancer cells in the body. To make pork more effective, it is paired with Brussels sprouts, which contain sulforaphane, an organic substance that has the ability to boost the effectiveness of selenium by 13 times.

#Foodcouple 10 -  Tomatoes and liver

Do you feel fatigued, almost always? Have a low metabolism, malaise, or some problem with heart/blood vessels? Then it is possible that your body has a deficiency of iron. The liver is said to be the best solution in this case, as it is a rich source of iron. However, the human body finds it difficult to absorb the iron present in the liver, hence it is always advised that one shall eat it with tomatoes for tomatoes have ascorbic acid, which helps the body in absorbing the iron provided by the liver.