Best LGBTQ Movies On Amazon Prime

 Best Gay Movies On Amazon Prime 

Times have changed for the better. It can be easily gauged by the fact that gay movies and other content formats are not at all cliche or stereotypical anymore. Good scripts, exceptional performances, and better stories are finding their way to the forefront through channels like Amazon Prime Videos. 

Through this blog post, I am going to shed light on some amazing movies that you can stream right now on Amazon Prime. Enjoy!

15 Years

It is an Israeli movie that revolves around a lawyer named  Yoav and his partner of 15 years Dan. There is one more character, Alma, who is Yoav's childhood friend. 

Yoav is the prime subject of Alma's gallery exhibit, where he comes to know that she is expecting. He hates the way things around him are changing, he is not able to digest the fact they all are suddenly ready to start families. However, something inside him breaks when Dan also confesses that he wants to have kids one day. He sets on a destructive path. A great story about aging and how people change when they realize that they don't have all the time in the world. 

A Dog Barking At The Moon

Directed by Lisa Zi Xiang, A Dog Barking At The Moon tells the story of a Chinese woman, Li Jiumei (Renhua Na) who learns that her husband is gay. The story is told with a mix of humor and grief, which certainly makes it a splendid experience. 

Any Day Now

This one is based on a true story. Directed by Travis Fine, this family drama revolves around a teenager with Down Syndrome, played by Isaac Leyva. Things take a turn for the worse when this kid is left on his own devices when his mom gets arrested on drug charges. The boy is taken in by a gay couple and the kid finally gets a stable home. However, the story is not that simple; they fight the legal system and the society that thinks them to be unsuitable for parenthood. 

A Sweetest Kiss

A Sweetest Kiss is a movie directed by Nguyen Nguyen and revolves around Alice (Stefanie Estes), a lesbian and a prostitute. She tries but fails to reconcile with her estranged family, and is suddenly on her own. So, when she gets hold of housing shared with a Catholic family, she accepts it. However, things get interesting when she develops feelings for the Christian couple's daughter. 

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl is about Ricky, a transgender woman who feels an instant connection when she meets Francesca in the coffee shop where she works. It is a sex-positive romcom and things get complicated when it comes to David, Francesca's fiancee who doesn't like Ricky much. 

The Children’s Hour

Released in 1961, this classic tells the story of Audrey Hepburn (Karen) and Shirley MacLaine. They run a boarding school for girls and are accused of lesbianism by Mary, a student who is apparently upset about a punishment she got for saying lies. Mary's grandmother spreads the word and one by one, parents remove their kids from the school. Finally, the ladies decide to sue the grandmother for libel. 

Everybody Changes

Everybody Changes is a movie set in the beautiful mountain town of Bambito in Panama. It narrates the story of Federico and Carol who have three children. However, amidst this quite normal setting, there is a twist; they hold a secret that can destroy their family. Here is a hint, whenever Frederico and Carol go on date nights they are joined by Lizzie who is in fact Federico dressed as a woman. 

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is the story of Sook-Hee who lives in 1930s Korea ruled by the Japanese. Sook-Hee is a pickpocket and is hired to swindle Lady Hideko, who is an heiress. However, her plans get disrupted when she realizes that she is developing feelings for Lady Hideko. 

House Of Hummingbird

 House of Hummingbird tells the story of  Eun-hee (Ji-hu Park) who lives in 1994 Seoul. She is constantly in search of meaning while dealing with the pressure she is forced to endure as a woman in Korean culture. Her search however ends when she meets Yong-Ji, her teacher. , 

La Cage Aux Folles

La Cage Aux Folles, a classic, sheds light on the interesting story of two gay men, men who do literally everything in their power to hide their sexuality. However, their discretion is put to test when the son of one of the men gets engaged and they have to meet his fiancé and her conservative parents. No spoilers here, watch it and we are sure you will like it. 

Loving Annabelle

Erin Kelly as Annabelle and Diane Gaidry as Simone in Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle is about a smart teenage girl Annabelle (Erin Kelly), who is full of life and in total acceptance of her sexuality - she is an out lesbian teenager. Annabelle is expelled from two consecutive schools, so she is sent to an exclusive Catholic boarding school for girls. There she meets her teacher, Simone (Diane Gaidry), and is taken aback by the electric connection which is too strong to deny. She pursues her teacher relentlessly until she is forced to decide whether to take the leap of faith or not. 

Saturday Church

Saturday Church is about Ulysses (Luka Kain), a teenager who is struggling with sexuality. His gender and identity issues become more difficult to deal with when his father dies and he’s forced to take on responsibilities as the “man of the house”. Ulysses copes up with all the struggles within by escaping into a world of fantasy and dance in a vibrant transgender community. A great watch.

Saving Face

Saving Face is about Wil (Michelle Krusiec), Ma (Joan Chen), and Vivian (Lynn Chen). Set in New York, This story revolves around Will, a doctor of Chinese-American descent.  She is a lesbian, still closeted to her mom and her friend circle. One day her mother, a traditionalist, shows up on her doorstep; she is pregnant and has nowhere to go. Her grandfather doesn't want to keep her as her child will be born out of wedlock. It is a story that tells you to deal with your demons because only then does your life change for the good. 

Uncle Frank

This movie beautifully tells the story of a gay man Frank ( Paul Bettany) who is still closeted to most of his family in rural California. Frank lives with his partner Wally (Peter Macdissi). One day his niece, Beth ( Sophia) pays him a surprise visit, and suddenly life changes. The sudden death of Frank's father takes them on a journey that brings them closer but also threatens to bring them apart.