Joey from Friends: 8+ Reasons why he is the best character ever!!


joey from friends

8+ Reasons We Love Joey from Friends

Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most iconic characters ever written. Every character on the show was unique and had their own back stories which made them who they were.

The show delves into the pasts of the characters through supporting characters and videos! Videos were used to bring to life the shared past of Monica, Rachel, and Ross. 

In the case of Joey, his family, sisters, and interactions with Ross and Chandler were used to shed light on his many adventures.  Here are the top reasons why we love Joey Tribbiani!

He is a SUPER loyal and caring friend

Joey was undoubtedly the most loyal among all his guy friends. Unlike Chandler ad Ross, he never crossed lines and never did anything that could hurt the feelings of his friends. 

Even when Joey had feelings for Rachel, he told Ross before, since their friendship was more important to him. He was an excellent secret keeper. He even kept the secret of Chandler and Monica dating for about six months.

However, Chandler and Ross despite being good at heart were never as considerate as Joey. Chandler once kissed Cathy and even fooled around with one of his sisters. Even Ross also betrayed him when they worked in the museum together. 

Joey can give good advice:

We know it may come as a shock more than a surprise but Joey can give great advice when someone really needs it. Remember how he made Chandler understand that Janice has a nice family and it was not ideal to date her and ruin her chances to get back with her husband.

All the 10 seasons are full of many such good examples where Joey gave the perfect advice.

He has a great heart:

Joey once helped a random woman deliver a baby because no one was there for her. He wished for Chandler to get a job, instead of wishing to win a lottery and even proposed to Phoebe when she tells everybody that she was pregnant.

Joey always proved to be a great friend. He didn’t even watch the porn video because he thought it was Phoebe’s.

He is childlike and innocent:

Joey is a child at heart which makes him more lovable on the show. When Joey wrote a recommendation letter for Monica and Chandler, the adoption agency believed that it was actually written by a child. He even had a bedtime pal (a soft toy penguin) named Huggsy and he was very fond of him. Just like his food, he does not like to share Huggsy with others (even baby Emma).

Joey doesn’t share food:

Joey is a big-time foodie and also a typical hypocrite when it comes to food. He always eats off the plates of those around him but doesn’t let anyone take even one bite from his food. His love for meatloaf sandwiches is unbeatable.

His feasting abilities include eating an entire turkey in one sitting and finishing Rachel’s trifle (containing beef) all by himself.

He has unique talents: Joey’s list of talents includes drinking a gallon of milk in 10 sec, eating an entire turkey by himself, stuffing a packet full of Oreo biscuits in his mouth, and can save his sandwich from a bullet. Tribbiani’s may not be world leaders or fast runners, but they sure can eat.

His level of stupidity always led to great comedy:

Stupid things done by Joey were always fun to watch. Remember when he got his head stuck inside of a turkey.

The fact that he doesn’t know how to tailor measure pants or how to use finger quotes is hilarious. According to him, the USA has 56 states, an auction is a guessing game, and UNISEX means “You and I sex”. Also, his failed attempt at learning French was just pure fun. Oh!! Chandler’s baffled reaction when Joey calls Adam’s apple as Joey’s apple. 

He is funny; we bet no one does 'delayed reaction' better than Joey:

Joey has the capability to make people laugh. His attempt to act like a 19-year-old, his inability to understand jokes, or his talent to make anything sound dirty is hysterical. And, yes, throughout the show his delayed reactions were something everyone craved. 

He goes to great lengths to make his friends feel special:

Believe it or not, Joey’s one of the most caring friends in the group. He breaks up with Ursula as this relationship was bothering Phoebe. He even gives up meat so that Phoebe could eat it during her pregnancy and anyone who knows Joey’s love for food can imagine how big of a deal that is.

He even helps Monica at work by letting her fire him so that she could look more powerful among her colleagues. He was ready to marry Phoebe to take care of her fake child. And, how can we forget that he ordains both Phoebe’s and Chandler-Monica’s wedding?

All and all Joey is one of the best friends one could have. And yes, if he had to, he’d pee on all of his friends to save their lives! That’s Joey Tribbiani, a true friend.

Loves his family:

Everyone on the show has a conflicted relationship with their parents, except Joey. He loves his parents, nana, and his seven sisters. He used to treat his sisters like kids and according to his sisters, he was the most innocent guy. Although that’s not true, we still love him.

He is charming:

Girls want him and guys want to be like him. Joey is seen as a ladies’ man throughout the show. He is also a go-to guy for Chandler and Ross to deal with girl troubles. Joey’s good looks and adorable smile are enough to make anyone fall in love with him.

With his struggling acting career and never back down approach, he is a survivor, a fighter:

Joey had a very fluctuating acting career and was constantly looking for work. Be it working in the museum, in Chandler’s office as the processing guy, or at Monica’s restaurant, Joey did a variety of jobs to support himself. From a struggling actor in the starting, he did manage to make it in the acting industry by the end of the show.

His unique personality:

Joey is the type of guy who eats everything in the fridge because it’s broken. He is a big-time Knicks fan, is scared of little girl ghosts, and discovered that he loves doing salsa with Mr. Treeger. Joey remembers Thursday as the ‘third day’ and has found his “Hand twin”. And the list goes on and on and on….

He values his friendships more than his relationships:

When Chandler fell in love with Kathy, Joey got pretty upset. But upon realizing how much the two cared for each other he let his feelings aside and let his friend be happy. He even breaks up with Rachel, as they realize that their relationship is bothering Ross.

He knows how to flirt:

Joey’s “How you doing” is the best and the worst pick-up line of all time, but he always manages to impress the girls. Just like Rachel has a way with boys, Joey has a universal magnetism when it comes to flirting with girls. His backpacking story was the highlight of the show.