Rachel from Friends: 8+ Reasons Why We Love Her


Reasons We Love Rachel Green from Friends

The way Rachel's character evolved is admirable: From being a spoiled Daddy’s girl to becoming a career-oriented and independent woman, her character really grew in the show. Be it cutting up her father’s credit cards, getting her first job as a waitress in Central Perk, or learning how to do her laundry, Rachel matured as a person and learned to survive in the real world.

Her love for animals is admirable: Rachel is seen as someone who loved animals. Be it a pony her dad gifted her on her birthday, Mrs. Whiskerson- a Sphynx breed cat, or her pet dog LaPooh, she is deeply fond of her pets.

She is generous: Despite being a little self-centered in nature, Rachel still exhibits a lot when it comes to being a selfless person who cares for the people she loves. Remember, she moved out of her apartment so that Chandler could move in with Monica. She even hides her pregnancy from the group, as she didn’t want to ruin Monica’s wedding and steal her thunder. And lastly, she left her dream job in Paris for Ross and got off the plane.

Most stylish among the group: She sparkled as the true fashion icon in the 90s to 2000s, and it remains the same to date for many. She looks amazing in everything be it loungewear, cute short skirts while waitressing, or evening dresses. She’s a trendsetter when it comes to style. Her love for fashion shines throughout the series. Rachel's haircut throughout the show made huge waves among fans.

No matter what the circumstances, she never stopped caring for Ross: Despite having her ups and down with Ross, Rachel always secretly cared for him and wished him to be happy. For example, she got Caitlin’s (pizza delivery girl) number for Ross, because he had a crush on her. Also, she went to London to let Ross know about her feelings but didn’t do it because she saw him happy with Emily. How sweet of her!

Her career growth has been inspiring: From starting out as a waitress in a café, she lands a job at Bloomingdale’s. Her love for shopping and fashion encouraged her to pursue her career in that particular industry. Later in the series, she worked at Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton. For a girl, who wanted to marry Barry for financial security, her career graph was pretty inspiring.

She’s brave: Right from the first episode, we have seen Rachel standing up for things she doesn’t believe in. She left Barry at the altar because she realized she doesn’t love him. She even moved to New York and started on her journey to become financially independent. You go, girl!

She is charming: Rachel exhibits an effortless charm that we all love. She doesn’t have to go the extra mile to impress people, everyone just loved her the way she was. Rachel has a way with people and all the boys she dated throughout the series were a treat to watch.

She loves to gossip: Rachel loves to talk about everything that happens around her. She unintentionally likes to gossip and according to her, she was just providing a social service. How considerate, right!

She is incredibly loyal: Rachel has been a great friend to everyone, be it consoling Monica after her breakup with Richard, or supporting Phoebe’s music career. She is always there to help her friends. She even stands up to Gunther when he fired Joey from the coffee shop.

She iadorable when jealous: Rachel was a bit possessive when it comes to Ross. Whether she is with him or not, she gets jealous whenever Ross dates anyone. For example, she convinced Bonnie to shave her head, she called Ross and gave him the whole ‘closure speech’, as she was jealous of him and Julie getting a cat together. She also got very upset when Ross tries to date Jill (Rachel’s sister).

She has the best character arc development: She was an uptown girl, who was mean and used to bully an overweight student named Will Colbert in high school. She seemed to be a little selfish in the pilot episode where she expected Monica to help her even though she hasn’t spoken to her in years and didn’t invite her to the wedding. From a rich spoiled girl to rejecting his father’s money and becoming an independent, career-oriented woman her character growth has been amazing.

She was a good sister: Rachel was a sweet and warm-hearted person unlike her sisters Jill and Amy. She allowed Jill to stay with her after she left her home. She even tries to make both her sisters independent and give them the best advice. Though both Amy and Jill were ungrateful toward her, Rachel did her best to support them.

She was sensitive: Rachel was seen as an extremely emotional and sensitive girl. It’s very easy to make her cry. For example, Mr. Treeger makes Rachel cry after she tries to stuff the trash chute with pizza boxes. Also, Phoebe’s sarcastic reply to Rachel’s dilemma about attending Ross’ wedding made her cry.

She was a social person: Unlike Chandler, Rachel was the life of the party. She never struggled to make friends or talk to random cute boys. She was approachable and easily connects with people. Her loving personality is something we all loved and admired about her.

Her self-consciousness is relatable: Sometimes on the show, Rachel was seen as an insecure girl. She used to care about how she looked and what people think of her. Remember, she even got a nose job after high school to look for more appropriate. Her vulnerability to be liked is something we all can relate to.

She is a pushover, a really cute one!: Rachel was portrayed as this sublime and confused person who can’t make her decisions. She used to get easily influenced by people. Remember how she asks Monica to make decisions for her. But as the show progresses she turns out to be extremely confident and bold.

She was an incredible mother: Just like all the mothers in the world, Rachel was also an overprotective mother and couldn’t trust anyone with her daughter. She was so paranoid when she had to leave Emma to attend Phoebe’s birthday party. She got so scared when Emma sits on the swing. Also, she was so desperate to see Emma laugh that she even sings an offensive song Baby got back. It was funny of her to do that, another thing for which we love her dearly.

She is just perfect: Rachel was a strong independent woman who could stand up to anyone who challenged or tried to outsmart her. She was always there to support her friends. She’s an intelligent woman with a good sense of sarcasm too. Also, she was extremely gorgeous. Period.