The Rings of Power Episode 1 Summary

rings of power episode 1 summary

The Rings of Power Episode 1 

Episode 1: A Shadow of the Past (Summary)

The episode opens with a voiceover from Galadrial “Nothing is evil in the beginning”, and the very first scene gives us the finest example of darkness taking its first breath amidst light.

The scene unfolds and we see a bunch of kids playing, surrounded by affluent nature. Among these kids we see a little girl (young Galadriel; she represents pure innocence) making a paper ship and plopping it in the water. A boy from the group bullies her and hits her ship with a rock, which makes Galadrial angry. She begins to fight with the boy when her brother, Finrod, controls the situation. He guides her little sister and gives her a word of advice.

Years later, the World is a different place; a lot has happened. A great foe named Morgoth has destroyed Galadrial’s home leading her and a legion of Elves to an all-out war. Galadriel Because of the war, she left Valinor (the Elves’ Kingdom), her home, to travel to a distant realm (a place known as Middle-earth). Finrod fights fearlessly, but the war has left Middle-earth in ruin. However, Morgoth eventually loses the battle.

Morgoth’s loyal servant, Sauron, kills Finrod during the war. There was a strange trident-looking symbol marked on his body, which was the only identifier of the dark master. Crying over the death of her brother, Galadriel decides to take up his vow and becomes a Sauron hunter. Centuries go by and everyone moves on from the memory of war behind, except Galadriel. Even after centuries, the commander of the northern armies, Galadriel, is looking for Sauron to seek revenge for her brother’s death.

She reaches Forodwaith, the Northernmost Waste, a place where even the sun is scared to shine. Warriors of the northern armies are upset with Galadriel and deem the mission worthless, but she orders them to keep moving. After passing a snowstorm, they see a fortress emerge from the darkness (the exact place where the Orcs gathered after Morgoth lost the battle). In the castle, Galadriel finds the mark on the stone, the same one that was on Finrod’s body. Galadriel asks Thorndir to rest for the night and then move further north in the morning when suddenly, a snow troll attacks them, but Galadriel manages to kill it. Thondir and other warriors decide to leave her to march alone in her quest and bend their knees.

Next, the story takes us to Rhovanion, the Wilderlands East of the Anduin, where two travelers, carrying enormous elf horns on their backs just about evade a tribe of Harfoots (a breed of Hobbits from Lord of the Rings). Sadoc Burrows, the presumed leader of the community, wonders why travelers are in their part of the world at this time of the year. The plot takes us deep into the lives of Hobbits. We get to see Nori, a young spirited harfoot with her friend Poppy and their little siblings, as they visit the old farm to feast on berries- something they are not supposed to do. Nori orders everyone to return home when one of them spots Wolf's foot marks in the mud.

Next, the story takes us to meet Herald Elrond (King’s confidant and speechwriter) in Lindon, the Capital of the High Elves. Elrond meets with her old friend Galadriel, who is back. Galadriel and her group are about to be honored by the High King. Galadriel reveals all her findings to Elrond and insists she must not stop looking for Sauron as evil is lurking to strike. Elrond tells her that the High King won't like Galadriel ignoring his commands.

Nori wishes to explore the wonders of the world, but her mother, Marigold, discourages her. She tells her that the Harfoots play it safe, are free from any worries, and survival is very dear to them.

Gil-galad, the High King, rewards Galadriel and her group. He asks the warriors to go back to Valinor (far west), as a sign of gratitude. Galadriel informs Elrond that she has decided to refuse the King’s proposal and intends to go alone further towards the north, where she thinks she will be able to find some trace of Sauron.

Elrond talks her out of her plans. He requests her to go to the blessed vessel and promises to act as soon as the first whisper of the enemy falls in his ear. Next, we land at The Southlands, the land of the Men. In Tirharad, Arondir (an Elvis soldier from the High King’s outpost) visits a village’s local bar where Waldreg, the pub owner, updates him about the events of the previous month. A teenage boy rebukes Arondir and says a true human king will soon come and throw the Elves away. Despite the remark, Arondir protects the boy from an attack and steps outside. The men do not like Elves discharging orders at them. Arondir meets up with a woman named Bronwyn, a healer, who gives him a vial containing Alfirin seeds, which are rare to find. Medhor, Arondir's friend, warns him about his secret meetings with Bronwyn. Their conversation is interrupted by a messenger who reveals that the High King (Gil-Galad) has declared that the days of war are over, which signifies the outposts are to be disbanded. Medhor and Arondir are now free.

Revion, the watch warden, tells Arondir that now that the war is over, a long life of great comfort and honor awaits him. Arondir goes to see Bronwyn one last time. He confesses his love to her. She is about to profess her feelings too but is called away by a customer who has come for help. His cow is unwell. He reveals that she grazed east a couple of days ago, as far as Hordern, indicating something is wrong. When Arondir squeezes the cow’s teat, black liquid tar comes out. Arondir and Bronwyn immediately leave for the mentioned location. Theo, Bronwyn’s son sneaks into a barn with his friend where he finds a piece of Sauron’s broken sword with the same symbol Galadriel saw on Finrod’s body. It calls out to him, whispering things in Black speech.

High King asks Elrond to work with Lord Celebrimbor, a celebrated Elvish Smith on a special project. Sadoc was still puzzled about the strange signs around him. Nori keeps meddling with his business as she wants to know what’s going on. Bronwyn and Arondir reach Hordern and find the town in flames.

As the doors of Valinor open and the chosen ones start singing, Finrod speaks to Galadriel through her fallen sword. Instead of giving herself to Valinor’s light, she jumps off the ship. We then see a meteor fly across the skies of Middle Earth and crash near the Harfoot community. The High King spots a leaf fall from one of the trees and turns black, indicating a growing evil presence. Nori approaches the fallen ball of fire and finds a naked man inside a burning crater.