Rings of Power Episode 4 Recap

Rings of power episode 4 recap

Rings of Power Episode 4 Review
The Great Wave

The third episode begins with Queen Miriel blessing Numenorean babies, when suddenly a colossal wave overtakes the palace, engulfing her and the members of the court. Turns out she was dreaming but soon, we learn that it was a vision of the great disaster hanging on Numenor.

On the other hand, Galadriel once again calls on Miriel to forge an alliance with the elves and fight Sauron, but the Queen rejects her proposal. Miriel, already upset over a bumpy week is vexed by Galadriel as she demands to speak with Numenor’s true ruler, the Queen’s father (the King). This sedition has ended Galadriel in prison where Halbrand offers her piece of advice on how to tackle the situation to her advantage.

On the ocean, as Isildur practices for his sail, he hears a mysterious voice calling for him. Isildur let the rope slip out of his hand, resulting in him getting dismissed from being a sea guard along with two of his friends (Ontamo and Valandil). Back on the land, Isildur’s friends are angry at him, but he promises to get them reinstated by talking to his father. However, somehow this only made things worse.

Speaking of trouble, Arondir regains consciousness, only to find himself chained and a group of Orcs staring at him. Adar finally makes an entrance and kneels by an injured Orc. He ends his misery by killing him. In a foreign language (Quenya), Adar asks Arondir where he was born. Arondir responded by saying Beleriand, to which Adar told him about his memory of the place. Finally, Adar asks Arondir to deliver his message to people taking refuge in the watchtower.

In the watch tower, Bronwyn is greeting incoming Southlanders from various villages but is struggling to feed them. As the Rations are running low, Theo suggests a run back to town to get food, but her mother denies it and decides to go for a hunt instead. Theo, just as headstrong as her mother, anyway, goes back to the abandoned village with his friend (Rowan). Theo alone went into Waldreg’s tavern in search of more food when suddenly he felt someone approaching him. The broad daylight sky turns black. Suddenly an Orc attacks Theo but holds out the broken sword (Hilt), which lights up into flame and begins forging itself. The Orc asks Theo to give the sword to him, but Theo attacks him and manages to escape.

Meanwhile, in Lindon, Elrond is expressing his joy about elves and Dwarves working together to Celebrimbor. The two have a conversation, and Celebrimbor tells him about his memory of Elrond’s father, Earendil. As Celebrimbor looks upset about something, Elrond asks what is bothering him. First hesitant, Celebrimbor expresses his concern about Durin suspecting that he is hiding something from him.

Based on Celebrimbor’s suspicions, Elrond returns to Moria and asks Disa why Durin and his work teams (apparently all nineteen) are putting him off. Disa tells him that Durin is off to Mine Quartz Chasm. Elrond suspects Disa is lying, which she certainly was but manages to answer all his questions with a straight face.

Later, it was seen that Disa was telling all about her meeting with Elrond to Durin. Elrond had his eye on them and overhears them talking about the old mine below the Mirrormere. As Elrond descends into a hidden chamber, he finds rocks riven with veins of glowing silvery purple and some dwarves chatting in the distance. But before he could inquire further, Durin catches him and accuses him of spying. Elrond denies all accusations and tells him that he doesn’t care about what Durin is doing in the chamber, but cares for his friend. Durin asks Elrond for an oath of silence in order to tell him all about his secret workings in the chamber. Elrond does so without any hesitation. Durin tells him that Disa had found a new ore (gray glitter, mith-raud, mithril) during gold-seaming, which is lighter than silk and harder than iron. Durin believes that this could be the start of something big and new for dwarves. As a token of their mended friendship, Durin gives the ore to Elrond. Suddenly the ground starts rumbling, and the earth swallows the four miners digging for mithril.

In Numenor, Galadriel impatiently paces in her prison cell when Pharazon arrives. The Chancellor informs Galadriel that the queen has ordered her to be shipped back to the Elves. As Galadriel was released from her cage into a circle of guards, in an instant, she managed to put all the guards behind bars.

Galadriel marches straight into the deposed King’s bed-chamber only to find that he is sick. Queen Regent was also present there, tending to her ailing father. Miriel finally tells Galadriel the reason why she isn’t helping elves. Miriel also shows Palantir (one of the seven seeing stones) to Galadriel in which, she sees a vision (the future of Numenor). Galadriel asks once again for the Queen’s help, but this time she declines with an apology.

In the Southlands, Theo attempts to escape from Orcs, but an orc catches him. Fortunately, Arondir reaches just in time to save him. Both Arondir and Theo sprint through the forest as Orcs start to chase them, but they are saved by the sunrise.

In Moria, Durin is angry as his father shuts the mining work after the shaft is destroyed. Elrond offers a piece of advice to his old friend. Durin visits his father and asks for an apology, and they make up. Durin informs his father that Elrond has invited him to visit Lindon.

At the tower, Bronwyn thanks Arondir for saving her son. He tells her about the message sent from Adar- The people can live if they forsake the lands and swear loyalty to him. Waldreg reveals himself as a follower of Sauron, who knows Theo has the hilt. Waldreg informs him that the Starfall is a sign that Sauron is about to come. Meanwhile, the Orcs inform Adar that they have found the hilt, and it is in the watchtower.

In Numenor, as Galadriel boards the boat to leave, white petals begin to fall, blanketing the kingdom in the Valar’s tears. Queen Regent understands its significance and decides to escort Galadriel back to Middle-earth to help Southlanders in their fight.