DC Comics & their Best Rebel Superheroes

 DC Comics' Best Rebel Superheroes

Captain Atom despises being the Government’s human weapon.

After living a life of tragedy and betrayal, Captain Atom was court-martialed for a crime he didn't even commit. He was even forced to take part in a dangerous fatal experiment in return for forgiveness and an honorable discharge. For that, he had to enter a crashed alien ship in an alien metal suit and see if it could endure the force and radiation of an atomic bomb. 

The experiment nearly killed him, but after almost two decades, he suddenly reappeared with the alien metal permanently fused to his flesh, giving him superpowers. However, the military refused to grant him his forgiveness and blackmailed him into being a government-controlled superhero. It left Captain Atom with a newfound hatred for authority, however, he eventually became the hero he pretended to be and, also joined Justice League International.

Catwoman doesn’t care to follow the law.

Whether Catwoman acts as a villain or an anti-hero, she does not follow any rules or orders. After all, she is a world-class thief. In her modern avatar, Selina Kyle spends most of her childhood on the streets, struggling to meet ends, and her early encounters with authority were gangsters, pimps, and corrupt cops. She was even forced into prostitution to provide for herself, her sister Maggie, and other children on the street.

Catwoman eventually shifted to burglary. While she became an ally of the Batman family and a protector of Gotham City, this doesn't stop her from continuing her rebellious acts and pursuing a life of crime.   

John Constantine doesn’t have respect for anyone.

John Constantine’s violent and anti-social attitude makes him a daunting superhero. He is popularly known for doing whatever it takes to get his job done. Constantine despises authority so much that even after one of his many deaths, he defrauded an envoy of the Lord into reviving him. Once, Constantine even threatened God himself, telling him that he let him die and go to hell, then Constantine would spend the rest of eternity taking control of hell, and after conquering it, he’d launch an all-out attack on Heaven and Earth out of pure spite.  

Doctor Fate even defies the Lords of Order.                                               

We all know that Dr. Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer is actually two minds living in one body. One is Nabu, his spiritual guide, and the other is the Helm of Fate. Though Doctor Fate is the agent of the Lords of Order and only follows them, he even ignores them sometimes, when Kent Nelson wears the Helm. While Nabu may almost keep Lords of Order and their philosophy above everything, he still has no respect or regard for the authority of anyone or anything else.

Plastic Man doesn’t take authority seriously.

Being a former criminal and one of the most laid-back characters in DC Comics, Plastic Man is rebellious in nature and has no regard for authority. Even after being treated with kindness by Woozy Winks, Plastic Man treats life as a joke. His crime-fighting often includes slapstick comedies that annoy his fellow superheroes, especially Batman.

Even in the much darker DC stories, such as Injustice, Plastic Man never stopped joking around and wasn’t afraid of Superman.   

Red Hood is rebellious and doesn’t listen. 

Red Hood was always more strong-willed and out of hand. However, the superhero lost all his moral code, respect for the law, and pretty much everyone when he was brutally tortured by the Joker, which turned him into an anti-hero.

More often than not, he comes into conflict with Batman over their totally different ideologies. And even though he respects Batman’s no-killing policy, he refuses to surrender his weapons while working with Batman. His most unruly act was when he challenged Batman to choose between killing him to stop him from murdering the Joker or eliminating the Joker himself.

Bart Allen doesn’t take orders from anyone.

One of the many characters to take the title of The Flash, Bart Allen, has little to no respect for anyone’s authority. His traumatic experience under the rule of the Dominators has left him with no concept of danger and an extreme hatred for authority.

This headstrong teenage superhero only learned to self-control and sense danger while working with the Teen Titans and later the Young Justice.

Batman has threatened the Gods.

When it comes to protecting the innocent ones, Batman doesn’t listen to any authority, human, or otherwise. In the Injustice timeline, Batman openly challenged the President of the United States to stay out of his way in opposing Superman.

His most rebellious act was when he bluffed Darkseid into releasing Supergirl from his control by threatening to destroy his entire planet. Batman just doesn’t care for the authority of gods when it comes to protecting Earth.

Hawkgirl makes her own destiny.

Hawkgirl is not just a female sidekick to Hawkman, but she has established herself as a superhero equal to and even superior to her namesake. Maybe that's why she was the one to be cast as a major member of the Justice League animated series. Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl boasts all kinds of powers bestowed by her nth metal technology. But while Hawkman is often a slave to the cycle of death, rebirth, and renewed romance that entraps the two, Hawkgirl would rather seek her own destiny and follow her intuition.

It is impossible to stop Black Adam from protecting the innocent.

Despite being a villain in the past, his commitment to fighting injustice, punishing criminals, and protecting innocents put Black Adam into the anti-hero group. Just like Doctor Fate, Black Adam is two beings (ancient hero Teth Adam and mortal criminal Theo Adam) in one body.

Black Adam lives his life ruling over his ancient city of Kahndaq. Now, his ultimate goal is to clear his name from all manipulations and to protect his people, even if that means invading other nations or fighting his fellow superheroes.