DC Comics Worst Endings Ever

 DC Comics Worst Endings

Countdown’s ending was not something fans were expecting.

The idea behind running Countdown to Final Crisis was to showcase the DC Universe in real time. Though the thought was quite good, the execution and storyline were not up to the mark, which left the fans expecting more. The story was supposed to connect the pieces subtly to prepare for Final Crisis, but the comic failed to do that. Instead, the book presented most of its members out of character and displayed unnecessary deaths.

The story involved resurrecting members of the classic legion only to kill them and Mary Marvel going to extreme lengths to get her powers back, which made its ending unpopular.

Flashpoint confuses everything by rebooting the timeline

Despite being criticized in the New 52 reboot, the Flashpoint storyline is remembered fondly by its fans. The Flash wakes up one day to find himself in a world where he has no powers, and the dynamic between superheroes and villains has changed dramatically. 

Throughout the story, Flash assumes that the world he finds himself in was caused by his nemesis, the Reverse Flash. However, during a battle, Reverse-Flash drops a truth bomb on Flash and the fans by revealing that he is not the one who created the Flashpoint alternate reality, but Barry himself did when he attempted to go back in time to save his mother. 

While this reveal was devastating in itself the actual gut-wrenching moment comes after the Flash restores the timeline that messes up everything so badly. 

War Games killed off a beloved Bat-family character

To prove she was capable of being Robin in the 2000s, Stephanie Brown accidentally started a Gang War in Gotham City. However, Bruce’s plan failed because his alter ego, Matches Malone, was not involved in it.

The entire crossover made Stephanie look incompetent. But what was worse than that is the ending which depicted Stephanie being caught and brutally tortured by Black Mask, eventually dying. The fans didn’t like it and complained about it for years until she was revived and finally became Batgirl.

Even fans could not help Batman: Death in the Family from failing.

Though Batman: Death in the Family seemed like a good idea initially, fans didn’t really appreciate Jason Todd as Robin. So DC let the fans decide, just how much they don't want him around. In a treacherous mission, Jason goes off to save his mother and is brutally attacked by the Joker. The fans were then asked to decide if Jason should live or not, which was again a terrible idea. It makes the ending seen as one of Batman's greatest failures, as he never does anything about the Joker afterward, making it one of the worst endings.

New 52: Futures End replaces Batman character for no reason

In an attempt to get back to the days of weekly comics, DC Universe started New 52: Futures End. However, it didn’t work well for them, mainly because they didn’t understand the concept of what made the weekly comic work. It was mainly focused on shutting down Brother Eye in the future, however, in the end, the superheroes fail in their mission, as in the future Brother Eye is still up and alive, ruling over Gotham City. The comic also replaces future Batman Terry McGinnis with an older Tim Drake for no reason making its ending not worthwhile. 

War of the Superman destroyed years of Superman stories

The Superman storyline was running smoothly when Geoff Johns and James Robinson started it. For the first time in a long time, Superman’s world felt like it had a purpose. The New Krypton era, diving into Kryptonian mythology and society, seems interesting.

Unfortunately, the track of the War of Superman tossed the build of New Krypton aside. The ending of the comic has little to no trace remaining of the mythology the makers spent nearly two years amplifying.  

Green Lantern was made responsible for the universe’s potential collapse

In Green Lantern: Lights Out DC's fans found that the Green Lanterns were the ones killing the universe. The act of forming constructs alone was exhausting the energy behind the Source Wall. It concluded that nothing the Green Lanterns could ever do would outweigh the ultimate effect of wiping out the entire universe, which made its ending disappointing. 

The Teen Titans: The Judas Contract ending was disappointing.

Out of many thrilling Teen Titans comics available out there, the Judas Contract is by far the best Titans story ever. Terra’s deception of the team and their major battle with Deathstroke make this a legendary story, but the ending was something that left the fans disappointed.

Terra’s powers going out of control and killing her character seems a bit like backing out, and the Titans burying her with honors so as not to reveal the actual truth to her brother Geo-Force adds to that. Despite being a brilliant comic, the ending hasn’t really aged well with the audience.

Tom King’s Batman ending isn't something the fans hoped for. 

Tom King’s run on Batman, along with brilliant art by DC’s best members was something that readers are actually into. The story digs deep into the psychology of the character, however many fans weren’t into King’s style of storytelling.  

Tom King’s run in the comic was supposed to last a hundred issues, but was cut short, ending with the “City of Bane”. DC’s hesitation in letting King do a story that would have truly changed Batman made the ending of the comic, a huge disappointment.

Forever Evil’s last issue was all over the place.

Despite being one of the best stories of the 2010s, the ending of Forever Evil was a little too much. The battle against the Crime Syndicate by Lex Luthor’s team of villains, along with Batman and Catwoman is thrilling.  

But the introduction of Mazahs kills the comic book. War against him takes up the last issue also, with a group of villains, few of the Syndicate members are killed, which makes it the worst ending.