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Jude Deveraux Montgomery Series 

The Black Lyon

First in the series of The Montgomery/Taggert FamilyA lovely story of a spirited woman and the journey that led to the love of her life. And don’t they say..”Love is never easy”. Yes, her story is also full of intrigue, plots, and a marriage which is a big roller coaster ride taking her towards the verge of destruction. How Lyonne & her ‘Black Lyon’ - her courageous husband lord - save the precious bond of love, is a tale full of magic that only Jude Deveraux can weave!! A perfect read!

The Maiden 

Our protagonists - full of life and passion - Jura and Prince Rowan, are a match made in heaven but their circumstances on Earth are keen on keeping them away from each other; it is as such their bond is not meant to be. But isn’t love the ultimate conqueror? Read this gripping novella about love and how things change for the better when it takes roots!!

The Velvet Promise 

In Jude Deveraux's romance kingdom, the reality is a big component that strikes the reader with a full-blooded shriek. Judith's life is not a fairy tale and her knight is not the one with the ‘shining armor’. This classic is all about the ‘happily forever afters’ which come with a price, a chance that fate throws your way and you have to go through a labor of love & waiting to see the light of change. Sometimes love is not enough!

Highland Velvet 

The rivalry between Scotland and England is as old as time itself; an interesting background for a romance indeed! I love Jude Deveraux for her magical story weaving skills; this is what I live for, though her heroes can be OMG frustrating, still her stories paint the most vivid of pictures on the veil of my imagination. This story brings together a proud scot woman - a Laird - and an English knight she hates even before she meets him. A great story about opposites, their turmoils, and the love which binds them forever.

Velvet Song 

Love can change things for the better. And this story is all about that!

Story of two outcasts, a lady in the disguise of a boy, a man of the higher station leading a life in the woods. A king’s edict, love, a happily ever after, and a tale of hope. A classic indeed!

Velvet Angel 

Another tale that tries to bring together the opposites that we see as England and Scotland, and succeeds. Our heroine is presented to the handsome lord (our hero) as a gift. Stark naked, rolled in a rug, she vows never to submit to the lord’s wishes, despite the fact that what she sees in his kind eyes is passion.

The Heiress

She is an heiress and he is the poor Elizabethan knight. She is everything that he is not. Kept guarded all her life by her father’s servants, she is to be escorted to her betrothed’ castle and lord pity our hero, he is to escort her safely. What he never expected befalls him, the demure and isolated heiress is nothing he had ever imagined, she enters his life like a Skyfall and in between her episodes to delay the trip, he falls in love with her. And she with him. Will they meet? Of course. Don’t you know the journey is better than the destination!!

The Raider 

Living as a drunk, one of the Montgomery brothers is actually the Raider who is preventing the British from succeeding. He meets his match one night during his midnight trysts and finds the love he never expected!

Mountain Laurel 

This novel of Jude is full of mystery. Our heroine is full of it - an opera singer with big secrets. Our hero Captain Ring Montgomery is patient and is not acting on his instincts, but even a gentleman is human at last! A really interesting novel, full of spunk and keeps you on your toes!


This is the story of Carrie Montgomery, the only sister of seven loving brothers. Though pampered beyond measures and used to having her way, she was also a kind & happy soul. She falls instantly for a devilishly handsome Joshua Greene who is looking for a practical mail-order bride. She knows that he needs someone to help him with his farm and help raise his children, despite that she knows that she is right for him and decides to marry the man. Our heroine and Joshua are married by proxy and although Joshua tries to keep clear of the temptation but fails miserably; her laughter and his kid's love for Carrie shine like the sun, something he cannot ignore. A tragedy gives him a deep insight into the soul of Carrie and when an old scandal tries to emerge, he is scared to lose her forever & for the first time realizes the depth of his true feelings.

The Duchess 

This story is about Claire Willoughby who might lose millions (she is bound to inherit) if she doesn't marry a man her father finds acceptable. She is all set to marry Harry Montgomery, who has everything, a castle, he looked manly in a Kilt and upon marriage, she was to be a duchess. She leaves for Scotland with her family when her engagement to Harry Montgomery is announced. Once there, she begins to fall for Trevelyan, a brooding man who lives in the castle's ancient halls, is arrogant, is exasperating, and yet she finds him fascinating in comparison to Harry.

Twin of Fire 

This story is about fiery Blair and her placid beautiful sister Houston. Blair is determined and is on the verge of achieving her dream of practicing medicine. She has already worked her way through, to a medical degree in a man's world and somewhere on the way fell in love with her own sister's fianceé Lee Westfield. Lee also loves her but is forced to keep quiet to keep Blair away from harm's way.

Twin of Ice 

This story takes the twin sisters' - Blair and Houston - story ahead. Houston is betrothed to Dr. Lee Westfield, something she never questioned. She was demure, a good girl who has been doing exactly as she was told all her life. But deep down she is a girl with dormant longings which emerge the instant she comes face to face with Kane Taggert as he makes his marriage proposal. She begins to fall for him, and all her defenses and restraints melt away when he kisses her for the first time.

The Temptress 

This book featuring the Montgomery family is about a kidnapper who falls for his beautiful captive. This is the story of Christiana Montgomery Mathison, an heiress and a newspaper reporter who is abducted by two men. She fights and defies them every step of the way. Forced to stay with the men in the rain forests of Washington Territory, she falls for the fatally handsome Tynan, who tries desperately not to fall for the firebrand.


This is a story about shy & sweet Nellie Grayson and her unexpected chance at love at the hands of a ruggedly handsome man Jace Mongomery. When Jace arrived as a stranger in Chandler, the tall, proud, and handsome man was an instant talk-of-the-town. Nellie Grayson finds it really difficult to believe that a man like Jace Mongomery will choose her over beauty like Terel Grayson, her sister. But being the center of attention and a kiss from Jace Mongomery assures her that she has finally found true love.

The Awakening 

Amanda Caulden's life takes a turn for the good when she meets Hank Montgomery. After living a sheltered life with her father on a remote Californian ranch, Amanda Caulden at the hands of Hank finds a side of life she has never experienced before. Laughter, carefree dances, moonlit dinners, and a passion beyond imagination, Hank Montgomery takes her world by storm. Amidst the blooming love, a violent rebellion is emerging, will it destroy their lives?

The Invitation 

This book consists of three novels, "The Invitation", "Matchmakers" and “A Perfect Arrangement”.

“The Invitation” - This story is about Jackie O’Neill, an American heroine, beautiful as hell who led a really exciting life with her late husband Charley for years. But now she is back in Eternity, Colorado, just a few miles from her hometown Chandler. She is back with an aim to start a new life, a business, put down roots and if fate is kind, fall in love again. She finds everything she wished for with William Montgomery. The teenager little Billy, who always dodged her every move was now a devilishly handsome man, rich and incredibly sexy.

“Matchmakers” -This story is about Kane Taggert, a wall street investor who agrees to lead 4 women on a western trail ride, one of the lots, destined to fall in love with him.

“A Perfect Arrangement” - This is a story about Dorie Latham who wants a plain husband, nothing heroic-types, like the one her sister Rowena married. When Rowena visits Texas to find her a husband, she acts fast and asks Cole Hunter to marry her.

The Princess 

Aria, a princess of a small European kingdom finds herself in the arms of dashing J.T. Montgomery after she survives a storm near the Florida Keys. J.T. is an officer in the US navy and is appointed to help Aria. In the end, she will have to choose between the kingdom she was born to rule and the man she loves.

A Knight in Shining Armor 

A time-travel romance through and through, 'A knight in shining armor' is about a present-day heroine who meets a dashing hero, her knight in the shining armor who comes to help her out from the sixteenth century!

Sometimes life goes downhill; when Dougless Montgomery finds herself abandoned & weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church, she comes face to face with an extraordinary man who calls himself Nicholas Stafford, the Earl of Thornwyck. The same man on whose tomb Dougless Montgomery was weeping a few seconds ago & who, according to the tombstone, died in 1564.

Sweet Liar

This story is about Samantha Elliot, who has finally arrived in New York to search for her grandmother who went missing when Samantha was just a baby. It was her late father's dying wish, so here she was in NY, literally alone...her parents were dead as was her marriage with a single .. with the only thing that mattered now, finding her grandmother. But as fate would have it, she meets Michael Taggert, her landlord in NY and life takes a turn she never saw coming leading her to a mystery she never could have imagined. 

“Change of Heart” from A Holiday of Love 

This book offers 4 tales of adventure, drama, and romance from Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Arnette Lamb, and Jill Barnett. A clumsy angel helping a lonely man, a tale of two lovers in medieval Scotland, a wealthy lord receiving an outrageous proposal in Regency London and a daring 12-year-old plays matchmaking to her big-headed mother in present-day Colorado.

“Just Curious” from A Gift of Love

A Gift Of Love captures a lot of stories where protagonists find their true love. A schoolteacher, an Earl in Victorian England who seeks a governess, a widow in Virginia, and a tycoon in Newport - each story warms the heart!!

High Tide

This novel tells the story of Fiona Burkenhalter, a New Yorker out and out and a rising corporate star. Her world goes topsy-turvy when she is sent to Florida Everglades so that she can accompany a wealthy client on a fishing voyage. She finds things to be quite queer until she meets Ace Montgomery, the tour guide.

When things go downhill & she becomes the prime suspect in a murder, she finds Ace Montgomery as her only ally. An undeniable chemistry flares between them as they partner in the search of the killer.


This story is about Holly, who at a young age of 13 fell in love with Lorrie Beaumont who later inherits the Revolutionary-period estate when his mother dies during childbirth. Even after 10 years later she still feels the same for her childhood love but a weekend full of laughter and passion with a Nick Taggert changes everything. Holly has an unbridled attraction to this stranger but she also knows that he is not marriage material. She is not aware that Nick Taggert is in fact her childhood love Lorrie Beaumont. After years of meeting women who are only interested in his wealth and pedigree, he decides to test Holly. Will she choose love over wealth? He gets his answer on a starlit Christmas Night.

Someone to Love 

This story is about Jace Montgomery who lost his fiancée Stacy to suicide 3 years ago but to date has not been able to come to terms with what has happened. One day when he finds a photo of a rambling estate in one of Stacy books with a cryptic note, he visits the UK to buy the estate. Amidst a ghost haunting the Priory House & a local journalist, Jace finally finds closure and is able to see his future.