Outlander filming locations - Season 1 - Episodes 1-15

Outlander filming locations SEASON 1
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Outlander filming locations Season 1

Have you been following the Outlander series (season 1-5) since 2014? Or have you just started watching Season 1? This gripping time travel historical show is quite a binge-worthy one and once you start watching, it is really difficult to stop. Its storyline and execution is really par-excellent and what makes it more indispensable are the real-life locations where it has been shot. We are sure, like millions of Outlander fans out there, by now you must have also fallen in love with the locations that make the show ever-more real and believable.

Where was Outlander season 1 filmed?

Most of the real-life locations that have been used in the Outlander series are in the UK and Scotland. The ones used n Season 1 are listed below:

Dunmore Park House

It is the place where Claire is shown in the opening scenes of the series nursing the wounded soldiers. The same place where she learns that World War II is over and she can go back to her normal life, back to living with Frank (her husband that she has met only 10 times in 5 years). It is part of the Scottish village of Dunmore which is 47 minutes drive from Edinburgh.

Falkland as Inverness

It is the place where the series open – the place where Frank and Claire arrive for their second honeymoon. Falkland has been used as the lovely Inverness in Season 1 of Outlander and is just a small drive from Edinburgh. It has all the locations where Claire and Frank visit including the place where they stay – Covenanter Hotel which has been used as Mrs. Baird’s B & B.
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 Kinloch Rannoch as Craigh na Dun

Kinloch Rannoch has been used as Craigh Na Dun – the mysterious place where Frank and Claire witness women performing a pagan ritual at the time of sunrise. The same place she visits the next day, alone, and is sent 200 years back in time. This place is about 1.5 hours drive from Falkland (aka Inverness).

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Doune Castle as Castle Leoch

Clare adventure in the past starts the very minute she runs away from Craigh Na Dun and finds herself face to face with Black Jack Randal – Frank Randal (her husband’s nefarious ancestor). Almost sexually assaulted, she is saved by a Scot who takes her to his master (MacKenzie chief) and party, one of which is Jamie Frazer (our hero).  At the end of the first episode, she finds herself inside Castle Leoch – the very seat of MacKenzie Clan. Doune Castle is the place that is used as Castle Leoch in the series.

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Tulloch Ghru

The place where Claire meets Dougal, Jamie, and other MacKenzie (after she is rescued by one of their men, by chance), is Tulloch Ghru. The same place where she asks Jamie about Inverness and he says that she is staring right at it. It is a part of Cairngorms National Park.

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Culross West Kirk

When Clare starts working as a healer at Castle Leoch (as Liard won’t let her go because he thinks she is a spy), she finds that Miss Fitz's grandchild is ill and possibly dying. 

Everyone thinks that he is possessed and is said to have visited Black Kirk, a place that locals thinks is devil lair. Culross West Kirk has been used as the Black Kirk.

Culross / Cranesmuir

After visiting the Kirk Claire visits the child’s family in Cranesmuir – a town located next to Castle Leoch.  It is also the place where she meets Geillis Duncan, another lady from the future, something she finds quite late.
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Highland Folk Museum

Highland Folk Museum is used as a MacKenzie village one of the many which MacKenzie men visit in order to collect rents. Claire, by now is not the guest but is working as a healer at Castle Leoch and Douglas forces her to come with them.

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Finnich Glen – Devil’s Pulpit      
While collecting rents, a red coat follows them and after a while, the man appears with his captain. Claire is taken and Douglas comes along. It is the second time when Claire meets Randal. Randal assaults her but Douglas is able to take her away. However, she is supposed to meet Randal the next day again for investigation.

Douglas takes her to Liar’s spring to check that she is saying the truth about not being a spy. Finnich Glen is used as Liar’s spring.  In order to save her from Randall, he tells her to marry Jamie – that way she will be a Scot and by law will not have t follow what Randal asked them.
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Glencorse Old Kirk

It is the place where Claire and Jamie are wed. This church is located in Midlothian, on the south of Edinburgh.

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Blackness Castle

Blackness Castle was used as Fort William, the place where Claire is taken by the Red Coats. Jamie and the groups, after Claire’s marriage with him, decide to meet the man who has the information that can help Jamie in proving himself innocent. He leaves her with one of his cousins and when she sees Craigh Na Dun in the distance she runs for it and is captured just as she is about to touch the stones. She is taken to Fort Williams, right into the hands of Jack Randall.
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Roslin Glen Country Park

Roslin Glen Country Park is the place where Claire and Jamie argue after he rescues her from Jack Randal. He grates her ears for not listing to him and putting her and his family in danger.

Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House is used as Residence Duke of Sandringham’s residence in Scotland where Claire goes to meet him. Later Jamie also visits with Murtagh to seek his help in getting a pardon from the British crown and be a free man again.

Duke of Sandringham agrees and asks Jamie to be by his side during his duel with the MacDonalds.  After the duel, things get heated up verbally between Jamie and the MacDonalds men and they end up fighting. Jamie gets hurt.

Midhope Castle

After getting hurt at Duke of Sandringham’s residence, Claire patched him up and he is summoned by the Liard. Geillis Duncan kills her husband so that she can be with Douglas, but the Liard doesn’t approve and he sends Douglas away and Jamie is told to follow him everywhere he goes.

Geillis Duncan and Claire end up amidst a witch trial; Jamie saves her. Claire ends up telling JAMIE everything. He takes her to Craigh Na Dun so that she can go back to her time; instead, Claire decides to go to Lallybroch with him, Jamie’s ancestral house. Midhope Castle is used as Lallybroch.
Tibbermore Church

Tibbermore Church is the church where Claire and Geillis undergo witch-trial.

Carlisle Castle

It is used as the courtyard of Wentworth Prison where Jamie and Taran MacQuarrie are shown as they witness hangings of one man after the other, awaiting their own end. 

Linlithgow Palace & Bamburgh Castle

These two places have been used as Wentworth Prison where Jamie is physically and sexually assaulted by Black Jack Randal. While the indoor scenes are fled at Linlithgow Palace, Bamburgh Castle’s facade is used as Wentworth Prison’s exterior (as seen from a distance).

Aberdour Castle

It is used as the Abbey where Jamie is taken after he is rescued from Wentworth Prison by Claire and the MacKenzie men.


Reaper boat has been used as the ship that Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh board for France. It is used in the ending of season one, right after they leave the Abbey where Claire tends to Jamie’s wounds inflicted by Black Jack Randal.  During the ending scenes, on the same boat, Claire declares that she is pregnant.

credit: Netflix