Books versus eBooks

books vs ebooks

 Books versus eBooks

Whether you are old school, tech-savvy or somewhere in between, we live in the time where books and eBooks co-exist. More and more people are moving towards eBooks for obvious reasons but many people still acknowledge the fact that books have something extra special that makes their presence so soothing. In this post, we are listing reasons that make books better than eBooks and vice versa. 

Reasons why books are better than eBooks

books vs ebook

Electricity or no electricity – They work just fine

When you have a printed book at your disposal, you don’t have to wait for the mobile or kindle to get charged. You can start reading right away whenever you feel like reading. 

They never distract

Unlike kindle and reading apps on mobile, I never get distracted while I am reading a printed book. While using kindle app on my mobile I always have to switch off the internet or notifications to have a sound reading experience.

Real libraries are better than Virtual ones

Avid readers, where they are in love with romance, self-help books, cowboy books or time travel fiction books, EVERY One loves libraries (80% of the lot, I think so). And real libraries are made of real books – the paperback and the hardcover books!!!

Emotional connections are important 

You can actually hug the book when you are done with it, but with an eBook this is not possible – the feeling is not the same. This is what book-lovers do quite often, they get a bit teary when a good story ends and the potency of the loss can be decreases by hugging the book. 

The real paper book is yours for eternity

It is true that you really never own the eBook you buy. It is always imprisoned in the kindle or the kindle app of your android phone or iPhone. However, the books that you buy remain with you for life (provided you take good care of them) and can have the pleasure of handing them physically to your next generations. 

Reasons why eBooks are better than books

ebooks vs books

eBooks are cheaper
One of the main reasons because of which people are moving towards kindle and other eBook readers is the price. If one is able to buy a book for half or one-third the price of the paperback in the e-format, why not? 

You don't to visit a shop to buy a book
Another reason people are buying e-books are because all you have to do is visit Amazon kindle or any other websites like Smashwords and buy. The book can be downloaded into your device just seconds after the money has been paid. Yes, no visiting a book shop, you don't have to move anything except for your finger(s).

eBooks don't take much space and can be carried in your mobile or laptop
Just like real books, you don't have to carry them in your bag or luggage, all you need is a mobile or a laptop. They are really portable. 

eBooks readers come with inbuilt dictionaries
You don't have to look words into a dictionary or on google, just enable the dictionary mode in the eBook reader and you are good to go. 

You can customize the eBook
Depending on the device you are using to read the eBook, it is always possible for the readers to change the font size and the brightness settings of the eBook according to your needs. 

They can be read in the dark
Of course that is possible but for that you will have to make sure that you charge your mobile or the eBook reader on time for uninterrupted reading session.