Dragon Books for Kids & Adults

Credit: Photo by Sean Thomas on Unsplash

Dragon Books We Love

I am obsessed with Dragons, so it will be obvious but still, I will say, I love Dragon books. Ever since I read The Dragon Whisperer series, I could not stop my fascination. I know they were also there in the Harry Potter series, but they weren't the central characters. After that, I came in contact with the Eragon series and there was nothing that could have stopped me, I was constantly on the lookout for more Dragon Books. 

Owing to my love for Dragon books, here I dedicate a whole post of books with dragons as their central characters. Enjoy!

1. The Temeraire series

If you would like to read about the Napoleonic wars but in an alternate universe with dragons, you would love this series by Author Naomi Nivik. And know what, there are 9 novels in the series!

2. The Chronicles of Dragon series

Written for young teens, it is the story of a dragon named Nath who is trapped in human form,  a story even adults fall in love with.  His adventures take him on paths filled with dragon poachers. and other evil creatures like orcs, ogres, and trolls who are a threat to the dragons.

3. Dawn of Dragons (Requiem series)

Written by Daniel Arenson, Dawn of Dragon or Requiem series tells the story of Weredragons – beings who can willingly turn into dragons. The story starts with their struggles, how they are shunned by society, and takes us on an adventure where they form their own kingdom and wage war on their foes. 

4. Of Cinder & Bone series

If you love Jurassic Park movies, you will definitely fall in love with Of Cinder & Bone series. I am sure I fon't need to say more. Period. 

5. The Dragon’s Blade series

Do you love stories that take redemption to a new level? I do! The Dragon Blade series is all about redemption. It tells the story about a Darnuir, prince of the Dragons, who is proud and vain. He thinks he is invincible and not surprising, he is soon banished to a rebirth where the mighty Dragon is reduced to a vulnerable fledgling. 

However, as he grows, over a span of two decades, the world he knows changes drastically. Chaos follows, the world is now on a tipsy balance, more or less a tug of war between humans, fairies, and dragons. This is where our hero comes back to the center stage again. 

6. Heartstone series

All literature lovers know about Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice. Now add Dragons, warriors, and loads of mythical lore to the mix. Yes! This fascinating mixture of possibilities awaits you in the form of the Heartstone series. You will love it!!!

The Dragonriders of Pern 

This wonderful series tells the story of an outcast Lessa. Her birthright was taken away from her when her parents were brutally murdered. She wants to avenge her parent's death and claim her kingdom bac, a journey full of ups and downs. But she is not alone, she has a trusted dragon companion!

Dragon Whisperer

This story by Lucinda Hare tells the chronicles of Quenelda who has a magical bond with Dragons. She can literally speak with dragons without even uttering a word. Full of mystery, friends, and foes, Quenelda's journey is full of surprises, and storytelling is just remarkable. A true page-turner!!