Rings of Power Episode 3 Recap

Rings of Power: Episode 3

 Rings of Power Episode 3 


The episode begins with half-conscious Arondir being dragged through dirt-walled passages in a place filled with Orcs. They chained him and ordered him to dig the ground. He saw a number of captive humans there, along with his patrol buddy Medhor and the watch warden Revion. On the other hand, Galadriel wakes up in the belly of a ship. As she and Halbrand get onto the deck, they find a group of men taking them to their home (the Land of the Star- the Island Kingdom of Numenor). Galadriel notices her sword on the Captain. On their way to the Numenor, Halbrand marvels at the mighty waterfalls and carved giants. Upon reaching Numenor, Galadriel tells Halbrand about the history of the Kingdom, its people, and their relationship with the elves.

The ship Captain (Elendil) brings Galadriel and Halbrand to the bell tower to meet the Queen Regent (Miriel). Galadriel asks the Queen to give her the ship to make a journey to Middle-earth, pulling the “Elves gave you this land” card. Their conversation soon, however, turns into an argument, but Halbrand manages to control the situation. Galadriel and Halbrand were asked to stay in the castle for three days as the Queen weighs Galadriel’s request. Galadriel resists but agrees anyway.

Meanwhile, the Queen asks her advisor, Pharazon, about the Captain. Pharazon informs her that the captain who brought the pair ashore is Elendil, a guard of noble blood and has a son named Isildur. His son is part of a crew of cadets working on a ship to become a member of the sea guard. However, it seems that this life is not what Isildur is looking for. Queen doubts Elendil’s intentions behind bringing Elves into the Kingdom and asks him to perform a service (which is a mystery for now).

Arondir inquires about the whereabouts of the Orcs and learns that they are ransacking villages, looking for something. He also finds out that Morgoth has a successor named Adar, which he wonders is one of Sauron’s many names. The elves make a plan to escape and bring enforcement to help kill the Orcs, but before they can act on it, Revion defies the order to cut down an ancient tree. As a result, one of the Orcs slits Medhor’s throat. To avoid more killings, Arondir agrees to cut the tree.

Back in Numenor, Galadriel tries to escape the city, but Elendil convinces her otherwise. He has been in charge of watching her. Elendil tells her about his home on the western shores (Hall of Lore), where most people speak the Elvish language. Galadriel wishes to go there. Next, we see both of them riding on horses along the magnificent sea, and to our surprise, Galadriel seems happy for the first time.

Meanwhile, Halbrand wants to start fresh as a smith, but his request is denied until he earns a guild crest on his own. While having food in a tavern, some men start bullying him, but he manages his anger and treats them with drinks with a hidden agenda to steal a crest. He succeeds in his mission but gets caught immediately. The fight ensues between Halbrand and the men, resulting in Halbrand being held captive by the guards.   

Galadriel arrives at the Hall of Lore and is impressed by a library filled with high-piled scrolls. She learns that the last king was forced from the throne because of his loyalty to the elves. There she finds a map of Southlands and the Black Speech (consisting of a plan to create a realm in the event of Morgoth's defeat). They find that the Southlands are in great danger and if Sauron has returned the Southlands are just the beginning of disaster.

On the other hand, under the leadership of Sadoc, Harfoots are dancing and chanting through the forest, “Nobody goes off-trail, and nobody walks alone”. However, Marigold worries how her family would be able to migrate to the Grove as her husband, Largo’s foot isn't healed yet. Meanwhile, Nori tries to help the giant by plotting mischief, but her friend, Poppy, discourages her. However, Nori is adamant and convinces Poppy to help her instead. As Sadoc addresses Harfoots and honors those who fell behind from prior migrations, the giant accidentally crashes the harfoots’ camp calling for Nori.

As the harfoots question Nori, she pleads that they should help the stranger. Malva demands Nori be left behind, but Sadoc supports Nori’s migration claiming that she is young and naïve. However, he orders that Nori's cart will remain at the back of the line.  

In Numenor, Isildur and his sister, Earien, catch up with their father, Elendil, who tells them that he got promoted, and now Isildur too has a chance to become a cadet. Isildur tells him about his plan for deferring the sea trail, which upsets him.

Galadriel visits Halbrand, who is in prison. She convinces Halbrand to join her in her mission and travel to Middle Earth. On the other hand, the Queen has seen to inform her father about the Elf’s arrival.

In Middle Earth, Nori and her family struggle to pull their cart and keep up with the other migrating harfoots. The giant emerges behind the caravan seeking Nori and starts pushing the cart. Nori convinces her family that the giant will help them pull the cart, and they will help him with whatever he is seeking.

During the scorching sunlight, Arondir and his friends begin the rebellion in the orc pit and try to escape. To stop them from leaving, one of the Orc orders to release the Warg (a Wolf-like animal). Arondir fights with the Warg and kills one of the Orcs to help Revion escape. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. As the Orcs are about to kill Arondir, a mysterious voice orders them to stop and orders to bring him to Adar.

In the ending scene of the episode, presumably, Adar, makes an entrance as the Orcs continue to chant his name.