The Rings of the Power Episode 2 Recap (Adrift)

The rings of power episode 2 recap
The Rings of the Power: Episode 2 (Adrift) 

The episode begins with Poppy in the forest, on her way to bring back Nori, where the adventurous Harfoot unwittingly falls off in the pit mark. She touches the giant man, who suddenly wakes up, grabs her hand, and screams. After a fleeting moment, he goes back to sleep. Nori asks poppy to help her drag the man from the pit. They put him in a temporary shelter for the night. Nori explains to Poppy why she wants to help him. 

As Arondir and Bronwyn reach the burning town, they notice that there are no signs of bodies. Arondir deduces that something or someone dug through the ground. He asks Bronwyn to warn the others while he continues to investigate. We then go to Celebrimbor, the Lord of Eregion, who needs Elrond’s help to build a tower. Elrond explains that the Elves should ally with the Dwarves, who dwell in Khazad-Dum.

Elrond tells Celebrimbor that Prince Durin is his dear friend and expects a grand welcome from them. But the Dwarves reject them from entering the door itself! Elrond invokes the Rite of Sigin-Tarag, and the gate instantly opens. He goes inside, alone, to negotiate an alliance. The beauty of the dwarf’s abode and their rigorous craftsmanship amaze Elrond. Durin explains that Aule crafted a test of endurance – the Rite of Sigin-Tarag that they must now partake in. Durin faces up against Elrond. It is basically a rock-breaking contest. 

Next we see Nori, who is off the tril again to check in on the giant man. He is frightened by her and starts screaming. Nori says she’s the one who helped him last night, which calms him down. They strike a deal not to harm each other, and Nori offers him food. He shouts “Ure.. Mana” when Nori asks where he belongs. Nori is called back as her father twists his ankle while putting up a shelter. He will be unable to migrate for some time. 

Galadrial swims in the ocean and spots a wandering group on a makeshift boat. They are suspicious of her, so she hides her elf ears to prevent even more scrutiny. Galadrial tells them that she got separated from her ship. The wanderers reveal Worm, a giant creature destroyed their ship, who suddenly reappears. A man on the boat asks them all to be still. But it does not work. Galadriel is pushed back into the sea being blamed for the Worm to reappear. She desperately swims away from the boat. The Worm goes away, and the man from the boat is the only one who survived. He names himself Halbrand and takes Galadriel onboard. 

The competition between the Elf and Durin is raging, but eventually, the Elf loses. As agreed, he must be banished from the lands. Elrond asks the prince to escort him back to the exit. Durin accepts. Elrond asked Durin if he somehow offended him. Durin angrily explains why he is upset with Elrond; he missed his wedding and the birth of his two children. Elrond apologizes to Durin and asks to let him apologize to Disa, his wife. Disa, though, has other plans for the Elf. Elrond is allowed to stay for dinner, and Durin's anger is temporarily on halt. Over dinner, Disa explains how they met and how they fell in love. Durin and Elrond are still fighting, but they soon make up. Durin asks Elrond to explain his proposal.

Halbrand tells Galadrial of the dark enemy (Orcs) last being spotted in the Southlands, where he comes from. She asks him to take her to their last location and seeks more details about the army’s strength. 

Bronwyn reaches Tirihadar and warns the people about what she saw in Hordern. But they’re dismissive of her claims. Arondir makes his way further into the cave, and it keeps getting more ominous. From the shadows, something growls at him and chases him. Ardondir flees, falls off into a water body, and emerges on shore.

A slew of hands grab ahold of him from the back and drag him into the darkness. Bronwyn rushes home but sees a hole in the floor. Theo who was hiding in the walls warns Bronwyn. Something emerges from the floor, and she hides in a cupboard. It appears to be an Orc. He finds her, and a fight begins. Theo and Bronwyn jointly fight him off and kill him. Bronwyn takes his head to Waldreg’s, and they finally listen to her. They decide to leave town the next morning. Galadriel and Halbrand wither a storm in the seas, barely making it past. Halbrand saves Galadriel’s life.

The fireflies in Poppy’s lamps are conjured by the stranger and he speaks to them in a foreign language. They listen to his whispers and make a constellation-like shape in the sky before dying. Nori says the giant wants them to help him find the stars. Durin’s father is suspicious of the elves and asks his son to be careful. Theo packs the broken sword as well, which starts burning. The episode ends with Galadrial lying on a boat and seeing someone looking at her from a ship.