Outlander Season 1 Episode 1 Recap (Netflix series based on books)

Outlander Season 1 Episode 1

Outlander Season 1 Episode 1 Recap (Netflix)

When I started watching Outlander Season 1 Episode 1, I was so happy to find out that the story is about time travel. You know I am in love with Jude Deveraux time travel series Summerhouse. To relive something like that in visuals got me hooked and I was smiling throughout the episode.I am writing a recap mainly because this Netflix series is based on a novel series by Diana Gabaldon.

War is over

The pilot named 'Sassenach' starts with war scenes and our heroine, Claire, our main protagonist is seen tending to the wounds of one of the severely wounded soldiers. She is a nurse and within a few scenes, we get to know that the war has ended after 5 years and she is ready to go back to normal life.

Incredible title song

The song is so uplifting and dreamy and out worldly, mainly because, I was daydreaming about what will happen next. How will she go back in time? In the Summerhouse series, the 3 ladies usually go back in time under the guidance of a lady who helps them understand what they are getting into, what to do, and what not to do during their time in the past. 

What, she is married?

Yes, I was also surprised. In the beginning, I didn't get any impression that she was married. But here we see her on a holiday to Inverness with her husband Frank. They have spent 10 days together in the past 5 years and now find themselves in a bit of awkwardness. Her husband is a historian and she spends days with him roaming about the town, the ruins, and the local Reverend as he tries to find more about his family history down the centuries. Frank is able to track down one of his ancestors, a nefarious Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall.

Their spark rekindles and they are able to find a bridge back to the old times when they knew each other more. Now after 5 years, they both are changed people; the war has changed them both, and sex seems to be the only bridge they have now to the normal life they once knew. 

During the holiday she meets a woman who works at the Reverend's house who reads tea leaves and palms. She tells Claire some really interesting things. The next day, Claire and her husband rise early to visit a place where as per Frank even today Druids come to perform their rituals. After the ceremony when the women leave and they are alone, Claire and Frank roam about the place and she finds a flower really fascinating. But before she could pluck one they had to leave. 

The next day Claire goes back to the same place alone, as Frank is busy with the Reverend. She plucks the flower and suddenly an eerie breeze begins to blow. She leans against one of the stones and faints. When she wakes up, she runs away from the place but is not able to find her car. 

Is she really in the Past?

She can feel that in her bones, but her rationale minds don't let her believe it. She comes face to face with the infamous Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall who tries to rape her but is saved by a druid. 

This is where the best part starts, at least for me. Here she meets Jamie and Scott handsome man. If you love romances based in Scotland, you have an extra reason to watch Outlander. 

The man takes her to a hut where she helps to fix the dislocated shoulder of Jamie. The men immediately leave for their home for they know that 'Black Jack' is certainly on their trail. He tells her to share his tartan for she was shivering. Isn't that amazing? A Scottish romance is on its way. lol

She helps Jamie and his group again when she sees Cocknammon Rock and tells Jamie that it was once used by the English army as a perfect place for an ambush. Jamie tells his uncle, the group leader and they are able to escape alive. Claire tries to run amidst the chaos but Jamie tracks her down & not let her go. 

What happens in the end...

The episode closes with them reaching a castle as Claire thinks to herself, “So far, I had been assaulted, threatened, kidnapped and nearly raped. And somehow I knew that my journey had only just begun."